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From Manual to Fully Automatic:
XGIMI’s ISA Technology Reshapes Home Projectors

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-04

Before automated projector technology, users were stuck modifying settings manually–hoping the button you pressed would bring you closer to finally enjoying that movie you picked out. But to no avail. Adjusting complex projector operations, like focus or keystone correction, was confusing and time-consuming–all the while making you think, “Why not just use a TV?”

Therefore, we embarked on a multi-year journey to explore image recognition technology and develop fully automatic operations, providing users a hassle-free viewing experience. The timeline below displays our achievements along the way.

ISA Technology Over the Years

2015 Left and Right Manual Keystone Correction

  • For the first time in the industry, we integrated left and right manual keystone correction in home projectors, technology only featured in professional projectors before 2015.
  • Users can place their XGIMI device on their bedside table and get a clear, square image.

2018 Intelligent Auxiliary Keystone Correction

  • XGIMI projectors can automatically correct the projected image.
  • Users could power on their projector and have the picture automatically corrected. However, this did not completely eliminate the need for manual adjustment. 

2019 Automatic Keystone Correction

  • Users can place their projector anywhere, and after powering on, will automatically get a clear and square picture.
  • This correction technology performed faster and more accurately.

2021 Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) Technology

  • Today, XGIMI projectors can actively adapt to the viewing environment, avoiding obstacles in the projection area or recognizing curtains and automatically finding the most suitable position to present a clear and square picture.

We have always developed our products with the consumer in mind. Thanks to the XGIMI MAVII (Machine Vision System), our Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology ensures our products are incredibly easy to use and set up. It features automatic keystone correction, intelligent screen alignment, auto focus, and obstacle avoidance. At the core is the Image Recognition Technology, composed of a ToF LiDAR module and CMOS sensors module to form a dual AI recognition system. 

This ensures every user, young or old, tech-savvy or not, spends more time watching the content they love and less time adjusting it.

By upgrading from left and right keystone correction, we introduced fully automatic keystone correction that automatically aligns the image based on +/-40 degree vertical/horizontal angles. Place your projector bedside, in the living room, or kitchen, and you get a clear, square picture at multiple angles. What’s more, if you accidentally bump into the projector or need to change locations, the keystone correction will not only readjust the image, but the autofocus will also ensure it is crystal clear.

Auto keystone correction

Auto Focus

We knew the viewing environment from one user to the next would differ, and we sought to eliminate the stress of integrating XGIMI devices into your space. With obstacle avoidance, you don’t need to set up around small objects blocking the projection area. Your XGIMI projector will recognize various obstructions–from light switches to outlets–and actively scale the image to avoid them. Choosing to use a projector screen? Thanks to our intelligent screen alignment, the projected image will automatically match your screen in seconds.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Intelligent Screen Alignment

You deserve to enjoy your content, not spend precious time “trying” to enjoy it. At XGIMI, we assure you that after hitting that power button, you’ll immerse in a large, crystal-clear display hassle-free.

XGIMI doesn't just manufacture smart projectors and laser TVs. We create machines that serve the users through intelligent software and hardware, providing an optimized audio-visual experience anywhere, anytime.

What is the XGIMI MAVII?

The XGIMI MAVII (Machine Vision System) machine vision system is based on a series of sophisticated visual components and smart chips with powerful computing power. With the help of thousands of algorithms that have evolved over time, our projection technology ensures "no debugging required, just start-up and use." 

When your image needs to be adjusted, the CMOS sensors and ToF LiDAR in front of the projector will automatically sense and simulate the surrounding projection area, quickly transmitting a large amount of data to the central processor. Thanks to a computer power fueled by billions of chips, our "spatial perception and screen adaptation algorithms" calculate the projector placement space and produce the most reasonable solution based on the collected information. 

This enables it to automatically complete focusing, keystone correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and automatic screen alignment.

XGIMI MAVII optimizes your visual experience

*MAVII intelligent environmental calibration

Why XGIMI’s MAVII Leads the Industry

Many other projector brands have also introduced similar functions, such as automatic keystone correction and autofocus, but these can’t compare to MAVII. The XGIMI MAVII uses ToF LiDAR and CMOS sensors, which produce highly-accurate calibration and strong environmental adaptability. After calibration, there is almost no need to manually adjust settings. For other projector products in the market that use a single ToF LiDAR, users often experience issues with automatic keystone correction–sometimes even failing to complete the process. Thanks to our excellent R&D team and user models, our image recognition algorithms have ensured that our products feature reliable automated features, like intelligent obstacle avoidance.

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