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Basic Guide to Short Throw Ceiling Projector

By XGIMI Tech - 2024-7

What is a short throw ceiling projector? Just as its name implies, it is a kind of ceiling-mounted projector that projects content on the screen at a close distance, which is perfect for small-space uses. If you want to get a projector but lack the room to put a video on the screen, this type can then come to your rescue.

Some people are unsure whether a UST projector can be ceiling-mounted. Ordinarily, any model of a reasonable size may be installed on the wall in the ceiling. This guide will dive into the topics you may be interested in.

XGIMI 4K ceiling projectors are easy to install and may be used for watching television shows and film dramas, among other things.

Can Short Throw Projectors Be Ceiling Mounted?

Yes, most of the short throw projectors can be positioned in the ceiling. You may always go for this type and get simple installation, if you have 4-5 feet of clear space, and don't have enough room for a regular-sized one.

When the short throw projectors cannot be mounted on the ceiling?

Some small projectors do not have mounting gear: Part of portable models are designed to be used outdoors and do not include mounting options for ceilings or walls.

Some are too bulky to be installed on the ceiling: Some models with heavy bodies might not be very suitable for mounting on top. If your ceilings aren't strong enough, they're risky.

Your room lacks proper ceiling-mount space: If there is no place within a suitable mounting distance to drill the projector, then you need to forgo this option.

4K ultra short throw laser projector XGIMI AURA could not be fixed on the ceiling. However, you can place it on a TV stand right below the screen, which doesn't take up a lot of space as well.

How Does a Short Throw Ceiling Projector Work?

Although specific brands and models may vary, ceiling projectors that perform well at distances of two to four feet are generally referred to as the short throw type. In certain brands/models, it might reach up to eight feet. Short throws may function from a shorter distance than conventional throw models, which may require at least 5 or 6 feet to cover your cutting mat and get a focused image. The ideal height will vary depending on your specific device, the size of your screen, and the available space in your room.

Reflecting methods: Short throw ceiling projectors terminate light to the screen right out of the lens while lenses of the UST models deliver light that reflects off a mirror to route the picture to the screen. A characteristic of it reduces the intensity of light so that it won't strain someone's eyes.

Laser light (Partial): They usually use a laser light engine to provide a greater amount of light output, allowing them to sit directly beneath the screen and produce a brighter, more colorful image. The short throw laser projector for ceiling mount is ideal for viewing material in your living room or family area when the lights are on. The image quality will decrease with increased ambient light in your space. For standard types, ambient light is a serious problem, but for UST projectors, it poses less of a problem.

Pros and Cons of Using a Ceiling Mounted Short Throw Projector

Should you get a short throw ceiling projector? The following part lists its benefits and drawbacks for you to consider.


Great viewing experience: The best to replace your pricey television is a ceiling mount short throw Projector 4K, which offers you incredible visual shock with a large screen and high resolution. They work well for playing games, watching football live streams, or doing presentations. If you are without a television, a short throw ceiling-mounted 4K projector will suffice.

Ideal for small room: With a short throw ceiling projector, you can enjoy sporting events and movies on a large screen even in a small bedroom. It can come to your rescue on any kind of occasion, be it a fun movie night or an important presentation day. If you have limited space or tiny rooms, you may get the best ceiling mount short throw projector.

Easy to set up: They are simple to mount and place, you may save money and effort and start watching movies at any time. It can free up the floor space after you install it on the ceiling, ensuring an unobstructed view.


Pricy: Generally, short-throw ceiling projectors are more expensive than long-throw types.

Inconvenient charging and cleaning: If you want to charge the ceiling-mounted ultra short throw projector, you must have planned for the wires and chargers in advance. Also, you may need to remove it for cleaning from time to time since it may collect dust in daily use.

Inability to use with ALR: The diffuse reflectors of the ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screen make it suitable for use with ultra-short throw projectors. The diffuse reflector aids in the surface of the screen's homogeneous reflection of all incoming light. The objective of the ALR screen is defeated if the model is mounted on the ceiling, hence the ALR will not function.

FAQs: Things You Want to Know About This Kind of Projector

Here answers three frequently-asked questions to help you.

Should I avoid a short throw projector for the rear ceiling mount?

Yes, you should calculate the projector throw distance first before installing it. A ceiling short throw projector typically creates a 100” image from about 3 meters/10 feet, which means the device is suggested to be installed within this distance from the screen. Get one with an ultra-short throw, then you must place it below five or six feet. Thus, if the rear ceiling mounting point is over this distance range, you do not want to fix it.

Where should you mount the short throw projector on the ceiling?

Look for the throw ratio specifications on the product listing, and use the formula of “Throw Distance = Throw Ratio × Image Width (TD = TR × IW)” to calculate the fixed mounting distance.

If your ceiling projector does not have the intelligent screen alignment feature, then you should need to mount the device on the center of the projecting screen.

Make sure the lens is not touching the top of the wall, but there is a tolerance of up to 10 cm.

Can you use it vertically?

While it is technically feasible to utilize a ceiling-mounted UST projector vertically, doing so is not recommended. It will overheat and interfere with the manufacturer's intended heat conduction if it is used vertically.


A majority of projectors support ceiling mounting. Nevertheless, you should confirm whether the one you bought supports this set-up option, and don’t forget to make sure your ceiling is in place and condition to install this device. Compared to a TV of the same price, it provides bigger screens and a fantastic viewing experience. Whether you choose the short-throw or ultra-short throw ceiling projectors, everything will be easier to do, including watching movies and giving presentations.

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